Really Oprah? Over 9000 Penises?

**ATTENTION**Lemme be perfectly clear, child rape, molestation or anything sexual in the slightest bit towards any child is grounds to get your nuts stomped off with a boot wrapped in red hot barbed wire, or if your a woman, you deserve to be impregnated by toxic waste and punched in the stomach.**ATTENTION**

Now that we got that out the way…I wanted to talk about a story I seen in the news recently. If you read my last post about Puff Daddy where I mentioned about how powerful the internet is briefly, for him, I meant in a good way, even a millionaire hiphop legend can still make a youtube video for the fuck of it to promote etc.

Even top news channels, as well as locals, mention Youtube, Facebook and other sites. The election even had a youtube Q&A session. And why does it seem every piece of news comes from TMZ now? Anyways….My point is, the internet, everyday, is gaining more and more grounds in terms of what or should I say who, are using it, and what for. In a world where everyone and their momma has a website, sometimes its not always a good idea, or can be more damaging then beneficial if you dont know what the fuck you are doing.

Enter Oprah.

I dont watch her show. I dont really pay attention to anything that goes on about her, the last time I actually opened my ears to anything Oprah was when Tom Cruises did his infamous couch dance, and when Oprah humiliated herself the first time with that book scandal awhile back.

Shes done it again.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Continue reading for full article and more videos

I only seen what the clips on youtube have available, but Oprah went on her show and basically read a post from her messages boards from her site, posted by a admitted child molester confessing that there is a network of child molesters with “over 9000 penises” and they are all raping children. To the average person, especially the middle class moms that are her base audience, that would seem like a terrifying, yet accepting statement coming from her. Its Oprah, it must be true right?

So, so, comically wrong…

Enter Anonymous.

Not to say too much about them cuz Im not tryin to get my shit hacked, Anonymous or sometimes just Anon, is a secret group of ‘hackers on steroids’ that seem to be running the world in the last couple weeks.

Originally, I seen a video posted by them awhile ago sending out a message on Youtube to scientologists. Kinda forgot about them. Then when Sarah Palin came out of her ice cave, I guess Anoymous didn’t like her very much either, or at least wanted to test her out, so they hacked her email account. I thought it was pretty amusing. Say what you want to say about them and how wrong it might be etc, but the results of said hack are making certain people question why Sarah Palin uses her personal Yahoo email account to do her government business. Avoiding public record requests? hmmmmm…but thats another story.


The person who posted that ‘9000 penises’ statement was actually a troll for anonymous making a joke(a sick one yes). But regardless of the joke being sick, clean, whatever. Is this what Oprah is resulting too? Quoting message board posts as real, terror-causing news? They says its because she is helpin with tryin to get a bill passed or sumthin, so I guess reading that post on television was supposed to scare people into thinking there really was a syndicate of 9000 child molesters who rape children. Especially when her research team should of realized rather quickly after 5 mins in google that the phrase ‘over 9000’ is actually a internet meme(basically a inside joke among ‘nerds’) from the popular Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball Z.

Yes. Dragon Ball Z.

So not only did she get pranked pretty bad, she is probably now the worst victim of an internet prank in the history of the internet just for the fact that some guy got her to say ‘over 9000 penises’ on national television. What started out as a edited video to show a funny line from a show, turned into a tool for spreading fear of unified child rapists. Like i said rape in anyways way isnt funny but you gotta see the humor in this. And if you dont find it funny, trust me there are countless numbers of ‘internet nerds’ jumpin for joy right now just because they finally got some revenge of the nerd type feelings. Nows a perfect time to learn another internet meme….EPIC FAIL!

Enter the internet’s ability to make a remix video out of anything


If you heard Oprah was dead, no was just Anonymous again…


16 Responses to “Really Oprah? Over 9000 Penises?”

  1. […] Meet EPIC FAIL. Really Oprah? Over 9000 Penises? BalsamRed: the blog of Khall Apparently this is a proud day for anonymous and 4chan, getting Oprah to say "Over […]

  2. Your pussy disclaimer of “Oh, sex with children is so so bad as Oprah and other hysteria promoters say, that I will killl all the paedos” completely destroyed your comment. Get a grip and dare to not follow what you hear and read in the TV.

    • So you are saying child molestation is just misunderstood and doesn’t deserve the bad rap its been given?

      • What he’s saying is not to be a fucking bitch and man up…everyone knew it was a fucking joke (save Oprah and her crew…) and it should be damn well OBVIOUS that rape is wrong…he didn’t need to bitch out and post it like we didn’t already know…

        BECAUSE WE DO. Shit.

  3. Im sorry but I dont know what the fuck you are talkin about. Are you tryin to say sex with children is good? And my disclaimer destroyed what comment? Next time you try to start and argument online, try to be more specific and write with some kind of proper grammar and sentence structure so people can understand the point you are tryin to make…are you defending Oprah or defending the pedophiles?

    My point of the disclaimer was to basically say Im not with any kind of child porn, molestation, rape, etc, hopefully neither are you BUT that doesnt stop me from sharin a TRUE story that happened recently and still be able to make fun of it. I never said I would kill all pedos cuz of Oprah, or anyone else, it doesnt take a tv show host for me to come up with my own feelings towards people who do that shit. I was just expressing my thoughts on what I think of pieces of shit like that and what they deserve, but, other that that, my post got nothin to do with pedo besides the fact that Oprah just happened to be talkin about that. If I didnt put a disclaimer in, pussy commenter’s like u would try to say I was on the pedophiles side or some shit.

    If anyone needs to get a grip its you bud, im not following anything, im just tellin it like it is. What I hear and read in the tv’s? Wrong, I also like what I read on the internets and watch on the youtubes….these computer boxes are pretty neat:)

  4. Whats his penis level?

    It’s Over 9000!

    What1? That can’t be right!

    And they’re all raping children.

  5. Peter’s last name isn’t “Phile” is it?

    Hopefully he meant that the disclaimer was unnecessary, not that sex with children is good…

    Cheers for the summary by the way!

  6. Herr Fritzl Says:

    I for one fail to ze der humor in dis.

  7. i am usually jumping all over the web just about all of the time thus I usually tend to browse an awful lot, which unfortunately is not typically a beneficial matter as most of the web sites I view are composed of worthless trash copied from some other sites a trillion times, nevertheless I have to give you credit this blog is in actual fact half decent and even delivers some original material, so many thanks for breaking the trend of merely copying other peoples’ sites, in case you ever want to try a few hands of myspace poker with me just send me a message – you have my e-mail 🙂

    • khalistic Says:

      Thanks a lot man. I gotta start blogging again and props to you for finding this post, IMO my best post of all!!!

  8. Arthur Dent Says:

    If you truly believe that “anything sexual in the slightest bit towards any child is grounds to get your nuts stomped off with a boot wrapped in red hot barbed wire”, then you’re just as mindless as Oprah.

    • khalistic Says:

      For one, your takin my words way too literal bud, and for two…are you sayin you support sexual contact with children? Cuz thats sure what it sounds like…regardless of my exagerated opinion of rapist treatment, you goin against it like that only makes you look to be on the side of the ‘make beleive’ child molesters.

  9. LMFAO @ “I seen” and “I only seen”.

    Learn English, douchetard.

    • khalistic Says:

      For one, I won’t point out the hilarious irony of your comment. And for two, of all the grammar, not english, mistakes in my article, that’s the one you choose to single out? Lol
      Your level of intelligence intimidates me sir! You win!

  10. Massage in Dublin…

    […]Really Oprah? Over 9000 Penises? « BalsamRed: the blog of Khall[…]…

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